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Since 2008, Australia STD Test has been providing home certified, approved and doctor recommended Rapid Screen Test Kit’s, that require just a few drops of self-collected finger-stick blood, a small urine sample or a saliva sample.

Our accuracy is unsurpassed; our test kit’s complete; and all our test products are designed to be used from the comfort and privacy of your home. What could be easier?

About STD test kits at home are used in clinics and hospitals around the world, making STD testing easy and fast to save life.

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Approved and used by doctors in hospitals and clinics around the world.

We provide certified, approved and doctor recommended

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and the most common STDs

Herpes Simplex

About a week after the infection, you may feel flu-like symptoms such as fever and headache. Pain and possible swelling of the groin may occur, as well as a creeping sensation and itching of the abdomen. Then, small, painful blisters form. The herpes blisters grow, burst, and leave wounds that take one to two weeks to heal.

Note that you can be contagious even before the blisters form. Peeing is often painful, especially for women. Lear more about STD test at home  in our shop.

About STD Test Chlamydia


The most common symptoms occur 1-2 weeks after the infection. You can then get symptoms in the form of removals from the abdomen, sweating when throwing water or itching. One should then seek midwives who can diagnose and provide appropriate treatment. Other infections are found that give similar symptoms. These must be excluded.

However, many times you can have a chlamydia infection without having any symptoms. Therefore, it is important to seek midwife if one finds out that one’s partner has been diagnosed with chlamydia infection.

Genital warts

Condyloma is caused by a spring virus that is related to the virus that gives hand and foot warts. The virus is called human papillomavirus. Condyloma is usually infected through intercourse. The incubation period can be 2-3 months but is usually longer. Viruses can lie dormant for up to several years before the infection becomes known. It is often not possible to determine by whom and when you have become infected. The symptoms consist of warts that appear on the genitals as light red or skin-colored small flaky growths, but they can also be flat and difficult to see.

Condyloma is treated by brushing with a strong solution but can also be treated by burning or freezing. Warts can also heal spontaneously.

About STD Test Gonorrhea


Gonorrhea is today a rare infection in Sweden caused by a bacterium.
The symptoms in the man are movements from the urethra and burning during water throwing. The woman can get increased flow from the vagina and sweat when she is peeing.

NOTE! You can have gonorrhea and be contagious without having any symptoms. The symptoms usually occur 2-5 days after the infection. Usually, gonorrhea is treated with single-dose antibiotic tablets.

Some types of gonorrhea are treated with an injection of a particular drug. To find out more about STD test in Australia and STD home test kit