HIV Test from Home

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HIV Test from Home


How is HIV transmitted

At the beginning of the HIV epidemic was widespread and without any HIV test from home, the fear that HIV could infect the social contact without sexual activity. You could soon show that such contamination does not occur. Investigations showed that there was no transmission of infection to people who shared households with enhivsmittade unless they were sexual partners of the infected.


HIV test from home is a Rapid 5th Generation home test, visible test result in 20 minutes.


Infection routes

Via anal, vaginal and oral intercourse

The greatest risk of infection appears to be present during anal intercourse. Contagious from man to woman appears slightly larger than from woman to man by vaginal intercourse, and also seems infectiousness be slightly larger from the active to the passive party in anal intercourse. The risk of becoming infected during sexual contact with an HIV-positive person is significantly increased if one of the parties has a concomitant venereal disease or sores on the genitals. Even oral sex can HIV transmission occur. This applies infection from the genitals to the oral mucosa, while the risk of transmission in the opposite direction appears to be insignificant.

Via the blood

The infection can also be transmitted by blood and blood products such as blood transfusion or treatment with blood products such as clotting factors for hemophiliacs. Among intravenous drug users infection can be transmitted by sharing syringes with HIV-infected and thus transmit infected blood from one individual to another.

From mother to child - birth and breastfeeding

Smittöverföing occurs during childbirth. Breastfeeding is another significant risk of infection. Overall, it is estimated that the risk of a child being infected by their HIV-positive mother is more than 20-25% if no special measures are taken. However, there has been great progress in the sense that with the anti-hivmedicin, cesarean section and by refraining from breastfeeding in virtually eliminate the risk of transmission to the baby.


You can be infected with the HIV viruse without any symptoms, he only way to be sure is a HIV test from home, as son as you suspect that you have been incontact with the HIV viruse.