STD Home Test Kits

STD Home Test Kit

STD home test includes Chlamydia home test, Gonorrhea home test, and Syphilis home test kits, easy to use and approved by WHO and used by doctors and hospitals around the world. Our Std home tests are shipped with Australia Post in an anonymous envelope for your privacy. The STD home test result is 99.8% accurate and visible in only 15 minutes.

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Chlamydia Home Test Kit New -29%

Chlamydia Home Test Kit

Chlamydia Home Test Kit (urine sample) Test kit a home test screening for chlamydia (trachomatis) ..

AUD80.60 AUD57.56

Syphilis test kit for home use. New -11%

Syphilis One-Step (Anti-TP) Home Test Kit

Syphilis Home Test (blood sample) Self-test Kithome screening test for syphilis (bacteria treponema ..

AUD80.60 AUD71.95

Gonorrhea Home Test Kit New -29%

Gonorrhea Home Test Kit

Gonorrhea Home Test (urine sample) Self-Test Kitscreening home tests for Gonorrhea (Neisseria Gonorr..

AUD80.60 AUD57.56